AVP International Dedicated Funding Policy:

Where donations have been received by the organisation to support specific projects or activities of AVP International, those resources will be administered by the committee assigned to steward the fund in question. Such resources will not be considered for the purpose of general funding.

AVP International currently operates three dedicated funds: Educational Materials, Facilitator Travel Fund and World Gathering Scholarships. Additional dedicated funds may be opened on the recommendation of the Finance and/or Fundraising Committees and the approval of Coordinating Committee.

Regarding the Educational Materials Dedicated Fund:

The AVP International Education Committee is tasked with the fair administration, budgeting, contracting services, project oversight, reporting and accountability of project deliverables involving resources held in the Educational Materials Dedicated Fund.

Any other person, committee or officer of AVP International that proposes to manage, remove, assign or disburse resources held in the Educational Materials Dedicated Fund shall first communicate with the AVP International Education Committee through the co-clerks of that committee.

Examples of the use of these resources include the production and translation of AVP workshop manuals and other AVP workshop materials.

Fair administration is defined and demonstrated by use of open processes for:

  • Open application for services (such as, but not limited to, specific language translations).
  • Contracting of service providers will be announced through the traditional channels AVP International uses to communicate with the global AVP community. Contracting opportunities are open for all qualified applicants to be considered.
  • Distribution of AVP workshop manuals and other AVP workshop-related materials is accessible.
  • Equitable budgeting priorities based on resources and need in consultation with stakeholders. (Stakeholders are defined as known AVP groups that are native speakers of the language in question, in the case of AVP manual translations)
  • Commissioning projects and the subsequent oversight of such projects are ultimately the responsibility of the AVP International Education Committee, through the co-clerks of this committee, who report to Coordinating Committee and seek the final approval of that committee.