AVP International Education Committee Application


    Please fill in this form if you would like to join the Education Committee and any of the Education teams and workgroups.

    The mission of the Education Committee is to provide workshop resources and manuals to improve the quality of AVP workshops worldwide.
    The Committee currently has 5 teams (subcommittees) and 5 workgroups each responsible for different Committee functions or projects.
    Committee members need to have a reliable internet connection so that they can attend meetings. Meetings and projects are conducted in English. If you are not comfortable speaking, hearing and reading English, we’ll work together to arrange translation.

    Education Committee members
    • are members of the Education Committee email discussion group
    • participate in monthly Education Committee meetings on Zoom (www.zoom.us )
    • have access to the Education Google Drive and googledocs for meeting agendas and minutes
    • use Skype (www.skype.com ) for individual discussions with Education members.

    Most Education Committee members are also:
    • actively involved in one or more teams or workgroups
    • members of the three AVP International email discussion groups – avp-world, research and discussion
    • registered users of the AVP International website.

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  • For further information contact education@avp.international
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