The Educational Materials Donation Fund is administered by the AVP International Education Committee.

The purpose of this Fund is to raise money for the translation and distribution of Education manuals and other AVP publications.

For further information go to the AVP International donations section and record that you would like your donation to go to the “Educational Materials Fund.”

Manual translators are paid with money that has been raised by donations to the AVP International Educational Materials Fund. Wherever possible we commission AVP groups to prepare official or companion translations of AVP manuals. The number of manuals that can be commissioned for translation is limited by the amount of money that is donated to this fund.

The AVP International Education Committee would like to thank everyone who has donated to this fund for their generosity. The AVP groups around the world who use these translated manuals benefit greatly from being able to read the AVP manuals in their own language. Without your continued support, none of these translations would be possible.

Education Dedicated Funding

Dedicated funding is funding that has been specified by a donor to go toward one project, such as, translation of manuals.  Donors can direct their funding to such specific projects when they go to the AVP International website donation page.

Read about the Funding Policy