Education Committees

There are a number of education committees, manual writing, and/or translation groups in AVP national groups around the world. The first AVP Education group started in New York in 1976. This group became the AVP-USA Education Committee in 1993-94 when AVP USA was formed. The AVP International Education Committee started in 2008 when AVP International was formed.

In both these education committees the committee members are linked by email discussion groups, have monthly meetings to oversight the committee activities, and have 10 subcommittees or teams and work groups.

How To Join An Education Team

If you would like to join an education committee or any education team or workgroup or ask questions you are welcome to contact the International Education Committee at or use the contact form here.

Reports and Strategic Plans (to be added)

Finding the Right Education Team or Work Group for You

Both these education committees have developed a system of subcommittees or teams and work groups.  One of the popular parts of any AVP workshop are the small group activities, where people get the opportunity to perform a task together. Similarly, the education committees have a series of teams that work on specific educational areas and issues.

The Education Teams and Work Groups include:

International Manual Editors Team

This Team gathers, selects and rewrites the activities for manuals and for the Activities/Exercises database.

In 2017, the team produced the Light and Lively Supplement Draft. Free PDF copies are available for download from the Resources Section on the AVP International website (registered users). It is a 'living document' called a draft to encourage facilitators to use the material and give feedback.

USA Manual Writers Team

The USA reference manuals, the Basic, Advanced and Training for Facilitators Manuals, are written by the Manual Writers Team which is a USA based team. All other manuals are written by a global collaboration of manual editors or by local teams (these are customised for local cultures and languages).

International Translation Oversight Team

The Translation Oversight Team commissions and oversights official translations of AVP manuals into different languages. These official translations are known as 'Companion' volumes and are mirrors of the original USA reference manuals in English. This format supports bi-language teams working together.

The Team prioritises translation projects and works with local AVP groups to complete and review translations.

Education Collection Workgroup (Joint)

This Workgroup looks at the collection of the wisdom and experiences of AVP facilitators worldwide. The collection of free PDF copies of manuals in English and other languages is available for download on the Resources Section of the AVP International website.

One of the tasks of the education committees is to collect the wisdom and experiences of AVP facilitators worldwide and to share this with the members of the AVP Education Network Community.

The Workgroup develops clearinghouses and databases so that this AVP material is easy to find and access when facilitators need the material.

One of the roles of the AVP Education Network, committees and teams is to gather AVP materials into an information hub (the International website and make these available to AVP facilitators worldwide. Much of the evaluated material is available through the International website in collections, libraries and databases. For more information about the latest collections of materials see the Activities/exercises/agendas/resources section on the Home page. Other collections are being planned and gathered. Contributions can be sent to

Multimedia Workgroup (Open)

This group evaluates online materials and coursework based on AVP methods and content. The group also collects and creates video clips for use in AVP workshops.

If you would like to join the open discussion group for the Multimedia, Keeping Facilitators Engaged/involved or Schools and Higher Education Teams and receive notification of the meetings contact and request to join the email discussion group.

Education Technology Workgroup (Joint)

The Education Technology Workgroup selects mechanisms that allow education to use the wide range of communication and information technology that can enable AVP facilitators to share experiences and wisdom worldwide and build teams.

In the Information Age, a major part of the Education Committee activities is evaluating the latest information and communication technology, and developing information websites, libraries, databases, online publishing, multimedia and online learning.

The AVP Education Network website is the portal site that gives facilitators a big picture look at the range of Education activities, resources and services. There are links to where the various resources are located.

The manuals and manual materials are available to AVP facilitators through the collections and databases on the AVP International website.

There is also a growing number of materials and working documents stored on the AVP Education Network Google Drive. Googledocs are excellent for enabling facilitators to write collaboratively. Team members from different parts of the world can use Zoom and Skype meeting technology for meetings.

Team members can then use shared googledocs to collaborate and write together. For example the Manual Editors us googledocs when gathering, evaluating and writing activities/exercises for manuals and databases. Material contributed by facilitators worldwide is being stored and evaluated on googledocs. The education committees, teams and workgroups use googledocs for meeting agendas and minutes.

The Education Network is always interested to hear from AVP facilitators with information technology skills who would like to volunteer to develop websites, evaluate new software and do data entry.

International Research Team (Open)

The goals of the Research team include:

  • To develop and maintain a worldwide network of AVP research communities and to encourage researchers to develop working partnerships for research, evaluation and writing.
  • To collect, evaluate and share AVP research and evaluation reports from around the world. This AVP Research Collection is available in the Literature Section of the AVP International website

This Team meets monthly and often has presentations from different researchers. To find out when the Research team is meeting next, click here. There is also an email discussion group with over 100 members from around the world. To join the AVP Research email group, contact:

If you are a researcher and you would like to collaborate with this dynamic multinational group, please complete the form here.

Best Practices Team (Joint)

The Best Practices team identifies and documents the essential elements of AVP. The team continuously collects educational best practices and evaluates how these may be incorporated into AVP facilitation and workshops.

The team wrote the AVP Core Values in 2016. These were accepted by the Business Meeting at the Nepal World Gathering in November 2017. This one page sheet describes the core values of AVP that we all hold dear and are fairly universal across AVP workshops globally.

In 2017, the team produced the booklet "Is What You Are Doing An AVP Workshop? The Core Elements of AVP Workshops".  This booklet can be viewed online or downloaded from the Resources Section of the AVP International website. It was written with AVP facilitators in mind so they may reflect on their workshop practices. It explores the boundaries of AVP workshops: why we do things we do and what happens if we don’t. This booklet will be useful for facilitator training and team-building sessions. Colourful word clouds are displayed for each concept.

The team considers these documents “living documents” and invites input and feedback from AVP facilitators about these publications. The feedback is reviewed, considers edits to the Best Practices materials, and the next edition of the material is then published.

Please send your feedback about Best Practices materials to

Keeping Facilitators Engaged/Involved Team (Open)

This Team gathers materials on continuing learning and strategies for building a sustainable AVP community and keeping facilitators involved with their AVP group. This group meets on the last Sunday of each month, except December.

If you are interested in joining in the activities of this team, the meeting details are posted on the email group and in the AVP Education Bulletin. This Team meets monthly on the last Sunday of each month, except December.

If you would like to join the Open discussion group for the Keeping Facilitators Engaged/involved, Multimedia Teams or Schools and Higher Education and receive notification of the meetings contact and request to join the email discussion group.

International Project Management Workgroup
This Workgroup provides project proposals to aid in fundraising for education projects. The group also oversights the financial management of these projects and accountability with funders.

Schools and Higher Education Team (Open)

This Team looks at collecting resources and facilitating the sharing of experience and wisdom of AVP facilitators in Schools and Higher Education settings.

If you are interested in joining in the activities of this team, the meetings details will be circulated on the

If you would like to join the Open discussion group for the Schools and Higher Education, Keeping Facilitators Engaged, or Multimedia Teams and receive notification of the meetings contact and request to join the email discussion group.

Education Open Meetings

Are you interested in AVP Research, AVP in Schools and Higher Education settings, Keeping AVP Facilitators Involved or using Multimedia resources in AVP training?

If so, any AVP facilitator worldwide is invited to attend meetings for these teams using Zoom online meeting technology.

There are a wide variety of topics chosen for these meetings. The AVP International Research Team meetings have been so successful that every third open meeting is reserved for the Research Team.

If you would like to join the discussion group for the Research Team and notification of the meetings contact and request to join the email discussion group.

If you would like to join the discussion group for the Schools and Higher Education, Keeping Facilitators Involved, or Multimedia Teams and notification of the meetings contact and request to join the email discussion group.

The activities of the various teams are reported in the Education Bulletin and the education committee meetings, and discussed in the AVP International email group