Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I Join?

There are now many members of the education committees, each with experience and wisdom that will enrich both the Committee and AVP.

Team building is one of the strengths and attractions of AVP. The monthly education committee meetings provide a time that the education team can build a community as the members meet, get to know each other from different parts of the world, hear each other’s stories and experiences, hear the needs of different AVP groups, share ways of problem solving, hear about the work of the different education teams and workgroups, make suggestions, share future strategic planning and evaluate the projects and achievements.

When are meeting held?

These meetings are held on the second Sunday of each month. Please record the meeting dates in your calendar.

The meetings are held at similar times throughout the year. The times change with the changes to daylight saving times. The meetings are all held on a Sunday with the northern winter meetings starting at 5am in California, 8:00am in New York, and so on around the world until the meetings start at 12 midnight in Sydney In the Northern summer after daylight savings changes, the meetings start at 5:30am in California and 8:30am in New York, and so on around the world until the meetings start at 10:30pm at night in Sydney and end at 12 midnight.

  • The meeting times will now be more available on the world clock website and available on the link with the meeting dates.
  • The meetings are always 1 and ½ hours in length.
  • Details about the meetings will be sent out by email each month. The date for the next monthly meeting will also be included.

Some people have expressed concern about scheduling Education meeting on religious or national holidays. After much discussion, we came to the conclusion that when you take into consideration the multitude of religious and national holidays around the world, there are far too many to try to accommodate them all. Also, we cannot give preference to specific religions or cultures. Therefore, we will continue to schedule meetings on the regular day of the month that has been agreed upon. We will certainly understand if you need to miss a meeting due to your holiday or religion. We ask that everyone understands that we need to keep the continuity of our schedule and not offer any special preferences for a particular country, religion, or culture.

Details about meeting time and agenda will be sent in a separate e-mail.

How do I participate?

The meetings are held by the internet based Zoom meetings website. More people are able to use this platform than other similar meeting platforms such as Skype.

  • Members can join the meeting either by clicking on the website or ringing in. There is a list of phone numbers from many countries worldwide
  • If members have problems with their internet connections, sometimes they can “hot spot” using their cell phones to increase their internet bandwidth
  • There are plans to try to ring out by Skype during the meeting and linking to the Zoom connection. You will be held informed about this pilot.
  • The Committee is making a list of members who need technical support to be able to join the meetings
  • As many as 75 people can join a Zoom meeting.
  • The draft agenda is always done ahead of the meeting.
  • The agendas are written a googledoc. Members with the link can visit the googledoc, read it and write on it during the meeting
  • Members who cannot join the Zoom meeting but are available during the meeting, are welcome to join the googledoc and make comments on the agenda during the meeting so their ideas can be included
  • Members who cannot attend the meeting are welcome to visit the agenda before the meeting and make comments on the agenda, so their ideas too can be included in the meeting.